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Burger King Kids Choice – Which Are The Most Popular Toys?

Over the years, competition amongst fast food stores has been fierce. The fast food chain stores have had to pull out all the stops to attract different demographics of society. Children have been widely targeted by these fast food giants because they have been found to be highly influential when it comes to family outings to fast food restaurants. Families will always eat at their children’s favorite restaurant or where their children will have the most fun.

Fast food chains have marketed children’s meals by including toy sets. Burger King is no exception. They have included figurines and toys of different kings in their kid meals. The company has always ensured that the toys or figurines were inexpensive so as not to affect the reasonable Burger King prices. The following are some of the most popular Burger King toy sets.

The most popular Burger King menu toy set without a doubt was the Lord of the Rings. This was one of the best collectable sets ever released by Burger King. The set consists of 19 pieces each representing a famous figure from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. The best part of the set was that the figurines clicked together to form a scene with all of the most popular characters from the Trilogy.

The Burger King menu also featured kid’s meals with the Simpsons Spooky Light Up collection. The company produced two lines of Simpson toys that had a Halloween theme. The toys consisted of costumed figures that had a detachable base. Kids could flip the switch on the figures to reveal a pun from the Simpsons. These Creepy Classics were released in 2002. They are now available on eBay and are considered priceless by many.

The PowerPuff Girls and Dragonball Z toys were combined for the Burger King menu big kids’ meals. Each of the meal packs came with two toys instead of the usual one toy. The toys combined characters from Dragonball Z and PowerPuff Girls which were two of the most popular Cartoon Network shows for a long while.

Everyone will remember the Justice League toys that were included in the Burger King menu kids’ meals. There were seven toys in all. Each toy presented a justice league member in an action pose. The toys had an action feature that represented the power that each Justice League member had.

Ninja Turtle fans will have a hard time forgetting the TMNT Bike Gear that was provided with Burger King menu kid’s meals. This promotion by Burger King was to help encourage children to ride their bikes. Different types of Bike Gear were given out with a kid’s meal including a license plate with the word ‘Cowabunga!’ and a bike horn with the signature TMNT logo. The gear was quite popular with kids when released.

SpongeBob SquarePants has become one of the most popular cartoons amongst adults and children. Burger Kings SpongeBob SquarePants Lost in Time toys were therefore popular amongst kids and adults alike. There were 20 figures for fans to collect with a Burger King menu Kid’s meal. You can choose from listverse.com so as to get burgers of your choice.

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