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Healthy Changes Made on the Burger King Menu

If you are concerned about your health, you will probably be doing all that you can to avoid fast food. Burger King may be on your list of places to avoid. However, this does not need to be case. The Burger King menu has been changed to provide healthy foods for all those who would like to go out and stick to a healthy diet.

Burger King began including salads in their menus in 2002. However, the fast food chain did not pay much attention to the salads and only recently begun developing their salads for the market. New salads are being introduced to the Burger King menu including the chicken salad, apple salad and the cranberry salad. These salads have been introduced in response to the growing demand for healthy foods by customers.

The new Burger King menu also features healthy chicken wraps. There are two chicken wraps that have been introduced in most Burger Kings. These are the Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap and the Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Wrap. Both of these snacks are said to contain less than 400 calories per serving. They provide a great taste and low calories. They are also feature some of the most affordable Burger King prices for snacks.

For the first time in the history of Burger King, you can find Real Fruit Smoothies in the Burger King menu. The fast food chain introduced banana, strawberry and mango smoothies for those looking for a healthy alternative to soft drinks. This is good news for those counting calories. The smoothies are made from real banana or mango blended in low fat yoghurt. There are also blended fruit juices. The juices and smoothies provide a full serving of fruit to help customers meet their five a day target. One serving of the smoothies contains about 310 calories.

Crispy chicken stripes provide a protein and a tasty meal. They are made of white chicken meat that has been marinated and lightly battered. The strips feature home style breading. These are served with a wide variety of sauces or dips to spice them up. This tasty meal doesn’t cost too much per serving and is on the moderate side of Burger King prices.

Frappies are a great dessert that was recently added to the Burger King menu. This is the name that Burger King uses to describe frozen blended coffee beverage. The Frappies come in two flavors, that is the caramel and mocha flavor. They are topped with syrups. These beverages actually contain less sugar than the smoothies. They are therefore a healthier option than the smoothies for those watching the amount of sugar that they are taking in.

Fries are still maintained on the Burger King menu. However, this is a healthier version. This version contains less salt. The fries have a thicker coating as well. This means that they will stay warm for much longer. This change ensures that a small portion of fries will not damage even the strictest of diets and are a great option for a healthy snack.

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