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List of Gluten Free Burger King Meals

Gluten sensitivity is common today. More people today react to gluten content of various foods. The effects of sensitivity to gluten range from serious issues such as pain, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort to mild effects such as bloating. The effects of gluten sensitivity are much more far reaching than many people think. Exposure to gluten to those who have gluten sensitivity can result in various health conditions in the long run such as migraines, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia and hyperactivity. It is therefore important to contact a medical professional and find out if you have gluten sensitivity. This will enable you to take the necessary steps to avoid being exposed to gluten and developing more complex problems.

Many people with gluten sensitivity have been avoiding fast food restaurants to avoid the effects of gluten to their bodies. This has resulted in a big problem for fast food chains as they miss out on harnessing a large demographic. However, the Burger King menu now offers them various gluten free options that have reasonable Burger King prices. Understanding what items are gluten free on the menu in a Burger King restaurant will enable you to determine how to protect yourself from the effects of gluten sensitivity.

The Gluten free items on the Burger king menu are listed under three main categories. The first category is the meats, eggs and side dishes. This list contains meat products such as the whopper patty, bacon, sausage patty ham and the Tender grill chicken fillet. There is also an egg patty for those who want a low calorie alternative to red meat. Tacos are also included in this list. However, it is important to note that some of the items on the meats, eggs and side dishes list are fried together with other items that contain gluten. This means that small amounts of gluten may be found in the foods. These include the Tacos and Sausage Patties. Those who are incredibly sensitive to Gluten should therefore avoid these.

The second category of gluten free items on the Burger King menu consists of the Sauces, Dips, Dressings and Beverages. Many of the new items introduced to provide healthy alternatives for Burger King Customers are considered gluten free. You will find beverages such as the Strawberry and Banana smoothie on the list. This smoothie provides a gluten free serving of fruit that has less than 330 calories. There are also various other items on this list including Burger King’s popular Frappies, dressings such as the Light Honey Balsamic, Sauces such as Honey Mustard sauce that is commonly served with chicken and many more.

The third category of gluten free items on the Burger King menu is the Diary, Dessert and Produce condiments category. This contains a wide variety of items that are often served on the side of the main meal. Common items such as Mustard, Mayonnaise, cheese and sliced tomatoes are included in the list.

A comprehensive list of the items that are gluten free on the Burger King menu is available online.

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