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Lowest Calorific Burger King Menu Items – Which Items Contain The Lowest Calories / Fat

If you are on a strict diet, you will want to know how many calories you are consuming and where they come from. This is wise especially when going out for a meal. Fast food is notorious for having a large number of calories in a small amount of food. You may therefore eat small portions of the food and still put away too many calories. The following information will help you when making your selection of food from the Burger King menu.

The food item on the Burger King menu with the lowest amount of calories is the Diet Coke. This beverage has zero calories. If you are going to Burger King for a meal and don’t want to surpass your calorie target simply fill up on Diet Cokes. You will eat less as a result of the full feeling. You will also be able to enjoy the time out with friends or family without putting a damper on the mood because you’re worried about going beyond your calorific limits.

Coffee is also on the Burger King menu. One cup of coffee in Burger King contains only 2 calories. This is therefore a great choice especially in cool weather. You can also get a cup of coffee to go from any burger king outlet.

Burger King recently made several changes to the Burger King menu to ensure that there are more healthy food choices available to customers. Although salads have been a feature on the menu for some years, they have not really been developed. In the past year however, more attention has been given to the salads on the menu. New salads have been introduced as a result of the increased attention. You can therefore order a salad at a Burger King and not have to worry about counting calories. The new salads on the menu contain less than 400 calories and make a complete meal providing nutrients from all major food groups. The salads will also not cost you much and are on the pocket friendly side of the Burger King prices.

Another low calorie item on the Burger King menu is a Dr. Pepper. This beverage contains only 41 calories. This is a great beverage for those watching their calories but still looking for a tasty drink to wash down a salad or burger. Dr. Pepper has a great taste and is also easy on the pocket for those who are concerned about cost.

If you are on a low carb and high protein diet, you will appreciate the chicken strips on the Burger King menu. Chicken strips provide you with white meat protein that is low in calories. The Chicken strips are marinated and fried. There is also a wide selection of dips and sauces to go along with the chicken strips. These are a new addition to the menu at Burger King and are proving to be popular amongst those looking for a snack that is healthy and tasty. Be sure to check on the nutritional information on each food item to make sure that you do not surpass your calorie targets.

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