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Nginx Hosting UK

Nginx Hosting UK

We are going to be moving server shortly. We have been looking into moving onto a faster server and can’t beleive that we’ve found a hosting company that offers nginx hosting who are based in the UK.  Nginx (pronounced Engine-X) Its taking over the web slowly with the number of sites it hosts. Basically it replaces Apache which is what runs the hosting on Linux systems. Youtube, Netflix, WordPress etc have all moved over to Nginx. It’s 1000% faster than apache and uses only 1/10th the hardware. Historically nginx was only available to large corporations and only compatible with hosting one website per server

The results are absolutely amazing!! On pingdom my site loads in 300ms compared to sitting on its only dedicated server. Have a look at these from another website we’ve moved onto nginx hosting recently;

Nginx Hosting Speed Results

Fasthosts top of the range dedicated server @ £400 per month. Apache + Cpanel

Apache -> Nginx – > Varnish @ £10 per month!!! hosted with Nginx Hosting

Nginx Hosting

Has anyone had any dealings with www.nginx-hosting.co.uk before? Would love to know, the results are looking amazing so far but wanted to get a bit of advice before we switch off our dedicated server. Nginx Hosting were kind enough to set us up some test webspace and our site is scoring amazingly well on our tests with Pingdom and Google speed insights.


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