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KFC Price List 2015/2016

KFC Price list correct as at 07/07/2016 – Any amendments don’t hesitate to leave a comment – some restaurants / service stations might be different

Box meals:
Wicked Zinger meal £4.99
Fully Loaded meal £4.99
Boneless Banquet £5.19
Big Daddy £5.59 (I think)

Normal meals (Come with chips and a drink)
Zinger meal £3.99
Fillet meal £3.99
Kentucky Jack meal £4.59
Tower up the burger £0.40
Go large £0.40

Bargain Buckets:
8 pieces 4 fries £10.99
10 pieces 4 fries £11.99
12 pieces four fries £12.99
18 pieces 4 fries £15.99

Streetwise feast £9.99
(6 pieces 4 large fries & large gravy)

Deluxe boneless box:
8 mini breast fillets 4 fries £13.99
12 mini breast fillets 6 fries £15.99
(both come with 2 regular popcorn chickens, a choice of 2 sides and a 1.5 litre bottle of drink)

Variety Buckets:
4 pieces 4 fries £10.99
8 pieces 4 fries £12.99
12 pieces 6 fries £14.99
(all come with a regular popcorn chicken and 4 mini breast fillets)

When you buy a bucket..
Add 2 mini breast fillets or 2 original recipe peices for £2,
Add a 1.5 litre bottle of drink for £0.99
Add 8 hotwings for £3


Misc / Sides:
Mini fillet burger £1.29

Popcorn Chicken:
Small £1.19
Regular 2.19
Large 3.19

Corn, Beans, Gravy & Coleslaw:
Regular £0.99
Large £1.09

2 £0.99
3 £1.49

3 Crispy strips £3.19


Picture of KFC Price List / Picture KFC Menu


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52 Responses

  1. Lee Lansley

    I brought the 12 piece deluxe boneless box at my local KFC and the price was more expensive also there were only 4 fries not 6 as stated on your menu also there was only 1 popcorn chicken not 2 as stated on your menu.
    Why is it that different restaurants have different price lists and different meal packages

    • admin

      Each KFC is a franchise, which basically means they are owned and operated independently. Price ranges are set by head office, but its upto each restaurant to choose what prices they charge. What you will find is that KFC’s some have now switched to TV’s to advertise their menu instead of the old fashioned hard printed menu type, this gives them the ability to change prices on a wimb.

      What you will also note is that the main KFC website doesn’t have prices on due to the fact each restuarant is different. If they did then we could complain when over-charged..

  2. Andrew Hancock

    Just did an interesting analysis on KFC’s sharing menu to see which meals work out the most economical.

    Chicken in the 14-piece family feast and 12-piece boneless box work out at only 88p a portion, with great value sides and pop to boot. If you want cheaper chicken you could go for the 12-piece variety bucket (includes boneless & original) which works out at 82p a portion, or best value for original recipe is the 18-piece bargain bucket which brings the price of the chicken down to only 78p each – fantastic!!

    • admin

      Nice analysis Andrew 🙂 What about the hot wings if we go wicked?.. I love hotwings but they give me bad indigestion a few hours later grr!

      • Glen

        yeah nice analysis Andrew you would not work for KFC by any stretch of the imagination. go bigger and bigger for cheaper when KFC are the most expensive in this range of food out there thats why they dont put the prices on any of there sites as sales would plumet and you can allways add 20 to 30% on any price you see online because none of them are the truth in that KFC are pocket takingly expensive ?

  3. John

    Thanks for sharing the KFC prices, next time I go KFC I will take sim photos of the menu for you so that you can update the price list

  4. janet stewart

    Who do i put a complaint to please?
    many thanks

    • admin

      Hi Janet, I would have a look on the KFC website and write to head office. Also on your receipt if you still have it should be a phone number, which will either be your local branch or HQ. We have nothing todo with KFC – im just trying to help you find the menu and prices because the KFC site doesn’t have them on it because they change too often. Hope that helps!

  5. Paulo

    Brilliant just to have an idea of prices !!!

  6. Dom

    I thought they stopped doing the crispy strips

  7. kate bleu

    BONELESS BANQUET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sam

    Do they still sell the hot rods?

    • admin

      The hot rods are still not available, but are my absolute favorite 🙂 – we should start a petition to bring them back!!

  9. Sam

    And how much are the Krushems?

  10. worm

    thanks for this

  11. Deb

    How much are chicken pieces on thier own?

    • roddy

      well i have been trying to calculate this theory for countless years due to the lack of information on the kfc websites, however i have come to the conclusion that they are infact 1.50. there, hope this helps….

  12. pravin

    I bought wicked variety bucket today at leicester without 8 hot wings try to call on 0116 2367976 no answer please comment

  13. James

    Do you have a list for the prices of drinks.

  14. jamie

    how much is the bucket for one

  15. Went to my local KFC very disappointed asked for side on ranchermeal said was none if site stated otherwise we also got a boneless feast only to find gravy instead of beans also I was told rancher box only did wrap but on site said sandwich will not be going back again p.s would have took this meal back but too far to travel(South Shields )

    • admin

      If you have a look on your receipt there will be a phone number for your local branch, ring them up and complain, they will take your name and you a number, next time you drive through / eat in give them the number and you will get your whole meal again for free.

  16. qwerty

    hi, thanks for doing this.
    I think kfc should have a guide for price online since they are nearly all the same and just put “prices can vary between franchises”.
    Anyway, i just wanted to confirm that the big daddy meal is 5.99 in all the stores ive been to, you wrote “5.59 (i think)”

  17. tracy

    Hi ,wanted to check out the printable coupon but it wouldnt let me because it said enter my zip code and with living in the uk its a post code which is 6 letters long not 5 like a zip code,disapointed with this.

  18. Andy

    I don’t know why KFC doesn’t deliver in the UK, it does in New Zealand. People order Pizza Hut so why wouldn’t they KFC here.

  19. nathan collis

    You’ve got the 8 piece variety meal price written down differences to what it says in the picture.

  20. don perry


    I recenty slipped and hurt my leg on a stray piece of chicken skin in my local KFC, please can you let me know where and how i complain.

    Also on a differnt topic, i think the gravy is the best gravy i have ever tasted, how would i find the ingrediants so i could start to make my own.

    Would be lovely with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes mmmmm

    does anyone else agree with me ?

  21. wendy tait

    I asked for a
    mini variety meal and got one small scrawny chicken leg and two hot wings and chips for £3.50 it was disgusting.

  22. Laurene Reid

    Did you mean whim (wimb)? in one of your comments, I did not understand it!

  23. ANGIE


    • FYI I changed Bast**d to Barsteward.. and lol, that tickled me. But I also noticed that you searched for “kfc prices” from Google then came to this site and made the above comment.. So please don’t call yourself names..

  24. franklin


  25. franklin

    ANGIE is a D

  26. sarah waddell

    Have you tried the new box meal 4 fillet burgers or zinger burgers 4 fries and a large popcorn chicken for £14.99 bargain

  27. jill cumberland

    After all these years of eating KFC it is still as lovely as ever. now here’s my question, have you change your supplier of chicken? because I have noticed that the chicken has got a hell of a lot smaller than before and the prices is not getting any lower. they’re getting more like KFP… Kentucky fried Poussin

    we as consumers we are not getting value for money. Just thought id say something.
    kindest regards

    Jill Cumberland

  28. chicken

    jean your as sexy as your chicken! how you must laff at some posts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  30. dylan davies

    I hadn’t realised all KFCs in the uk were franchises…Now that explains how one Kfc is selling dry chicken which has been sitting around for ages,while other places there chicken is fresh and lovely…That’s got nothing to do with the busyness of the place,but a certain KFC in cheriton(folkestone) pre makes everything and i have stopped going there through dissapointment!!!Luckly enough there is a good one in the town centre.

  31. thth

    started to eat KFC again after 20 years. how things have changed!!! probably down to maximising profits. texture of chicken seems different, not just at KFC either, use to have to chew chicken.

  32. ththef

    started to eat KFC again after 20 years. how things have changed!!! probably down to maximising profits. texture of chicken seems different, not just at KFC either, use to have to chew chicken.what do they pump into these birds?? anti biotic?? steroids?? probably taste better if they wernt shitting all over their own feet!!

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